In Home Newborn Guide

All of my newborn sessions take place in the comfort of your home and are very relaxed, allowing time for feeding, settling etc. I recommend feeding your baby just before I arrive but please do not stress if nothing goes to plan, I know babies have their own schedule! Just note I do not do newborn sessions outdoors.

These sessions can be taken anytime within the first 6 weeks and as early as a few days old, it’s entirely up to you and how you’re feeling. If you haven’t had the ‘Fresh 48’ session and you wish to capture those early moments, the baby’s tiny features, then a session within the first 10 days would be best suited for you. However, newborns can be tiring, especially if you have other children, so not everyone feels like having their photos taken so early after giving birth, and that’s ok too!

During the shoot, I use natural light only. I’m used to all sorts of lighting and room sizes (especially after living in Singapore) so don’t worry if your home is small and doesn’t have lots of pretty natural light, I always make it work and will find the best spots in your home to do the shoot. In most cases, the master bedroom bed is one of the best (and easiest) places to do the majority of the shots, therefore if you’re ok with this, all I ask is that bedside tables are tidied up and bedding is ironed! If possible too, lighter and plainer bedding works best if you have it. The living room is also often a good spot, please just ensure that if there's a table in view behind the sofa, thats it's clear and tidy!

One thing to really highlight is my style! If you haven’t done so already, please go through my galleries on my website and Facebook page so you can see my photographic and editing style. If you’re after lots of props such as a baby in a basket, or wish to have a very posed baby, then I’m not the photographer for you. If you don’t see a baby posed in a certain way in my galleries, it means I don’t do that type of photography. If you’re unsure and want to send me a couple of photos prior to booking, please do so.

Baby wear: I suggest a simple short or long sleeved/short legged onesie so we see a little bit of that amazing baby skin. We can also do a few nudey ones but I never take the nappy/diaper off a baby and suggest popping on a pair of pants to cover the nappy/diaper. It’s good to have a few clothes on stand-by just in case of any accidents (!), and also a pretty wrap and/or muslin is a 'nice to have’. Whilst props isn't my style, if there's a special blanket or toy you wish to be included in a few photos, please have it out ready and let me know at the beginning of the shoot.

Need a bit more information on your photography session type? Please see additional information below.