Client Guide

From the very start, even before you make a booking, I want to make sure the photographs of you and your family are exactly what you are after.  For that reason, I’m going to tell you honestly, I’m not a photographer who poses people or uses props during any session. I want to capture how you really are, together as a family, and how you interact as a family. Whilst I will include a couple of images of everyone looking at me (if possible), that’s not the goal of the session. The objective during a session with me is to cover emotion and connection between you. Here are a few handy tips to get you thinking...

  • Relax, relax, relax!! Let your family know that it’s going to be fun (including your husband!). You don’t have to tell them to be good or that they must smile at the camera. Being relaxed and affectionate with your children will bring out their personalities but if you're all rigid or uncomfortable it will show in the photos.

  • Please just be yourselves. I completely understand it’s awkward and uncomfortable in front of someone else you don't know, let alone a camera, but the best moments will happen when you are being you. Got completely wild children? There's no need to apologise, I have 3 of my own so let's join in on the madness and embrace it.

  • Enjoy being close as much as possible. Touch each other, hold hands, cuddle and snuggle, tickle, make each other laugh, play with your kid's hair. Just interact between yourselves as much as possible throughout the whole session and ignore I am there.

  • A lifestyle session doesn’t mean I don't help you along the way so trust me. I’m in control and will help prompt you throughout the session as much or as little as I need to.

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