Fresh 48 Guide

Having a baby can be one of the most important days in your lives, and that’s why I feel it’s so important and precious to document those first moments after arrival. ‘Fresh 48’ is an in-hospital newborn mini-session, where I come along and capture that brand newness of a newborn in the first 48 hours of birth. The session lasts approximately 30 minutes so it’s quick and easy. The focus is all about those new moments, the baby’s tiny details, the cuddles. It’s not about you getting dressed up, doing your hair and putting lots of make-up on, so please please don’t worry what sort of state you’ll be in or what you look like in that hospital gown! Please also note these sessions, like my newborn sessions, are not about posing the baby or including props. 

Babies come on their own schedule (unless you plan for a c-section), therefore planning this session can be slightly tricky. I typically come to the hospital in the morning or early afternoon (when the kids are at school!) either on day 1 or day 2. Once I receive your news, we can quickly arrange a time.

So what do I need to know in advance? Please firstly let me know firstly which hospital you are delivering at and what your current due date is. Have a little think if there’s something particular you’d love me to capture (eg breast feeding, skin-to-skin etc) and let me know prior to our session. Then all I ask is that as soon as you have news for me (or even when you go into labour only if it’s easy and possible!), to contact me via SMS or WhatsApp. Don’t worry, if you’re in labour, I’m not going to make you schedule a time with me, it just helps me plan a little!

Post session, you’ll receive your beautiful edited images within 1 week of the shoot, via your online gallery. 


My sessions are available during visiting hours only at Margaret River Hospital, Bussleton Hospital and Augusta Hospital. Please note due to the extra travelling time to/from Bussleton and Augusta, there is an additional charge of $50 for both of these hospitals.

Please note I do not do passport photos for the baby.

Any sessions hitting a weekend, please just allow me some flexibility on timing as I have my young family of 3 to take care of too!

Lastly, these sessions are only available in-hospital and I can of course come post 48 hours if you are still there. I do not offer such sessions once you are all home. Please refer to my Lifestyle In-Home Newborn Session.

Need a bit more information on your photography session type? Please see additional information below.